High School Seniors / Personal Branding

Choose from a variety of outdoor locations featuring an urban, city or classic outdoor field to create a custom senior session! 

What to wear...

I recommend at least three different outfits: one casual, one sporty (or something that represents your hobby or special interests) and one formal, but you are welcome to bring as many things as you like.

More is better! Wearing something bold and colorful with a lot of texture is a great way to showcase your senior's personality! Knits, embroidered, dark denim and ruffles are great choices. Please avoid neon colors and text or graphics as they distract from the subject. 

It is also important that articles of clothing are freshly pressed and hung on hangers so you can look your best! If you choose to wear nail polish please make sure your color is fresh and chip free.

WARDROBE: WHAT: We’ll be photographing a variety of compositions, from closeups to full body, so feel free to bring a variety of whole outfits and a random top that you love.

Try on each outfit, and pack the items together in sets (with appropriate undergarments) the day before your session.

THINGS TO CONSIDER for a variety of looks: Colors that compliment your skin tones, bring out your eye color, etc. Layers to add dimension (jackets, sweaters, etc.)

Variety of necklines Variety of fabric textures and weights Accessories if you wear them (hats, scarves, sunglasses, etc.)

Clothes that flatter your shape: This may be counter-intuitive, but no matter your body type, tighter fitting items through the bodice will photograph in a more flattering way (flowey skirts are really fun, though, so DO feel free to bring those if you wear them)  

Jeans and a favorite comfy t-shirt and jacket can be a great outfit to have - don’t feel like you need to leave these out!

Remember to consider undergarments/shoes/socks/etc. to accompany every outfit (for example, so you don’t end up with a black bra under a thin white top)

Glasses - if you wear them, consider bringing a pair that we can pop the glass out of so we photograph the frames on you without the glare/distortion that glass causes. And PLEASE do NOT wear transitions glasses to an outdoor session!

THINGS to GENERALLY avoid, unless you’re known for these things, then DO feel free to bring them, just perhaps not for every outfit: Big bold patterns, logos and bold stripes will draw attention and focus to themselves and away from you (unless there’s something that’s really “you” and you want it to be part of a look)

If you are pale skinned and/or blonde, generally it’s best to avoid having all of your tops tops being all black. Try to have other options.

HOW MANY: Photographing 4-5 outfits during a session is average, it helps if you’re a FAST CHANGER (or bring outfits that allow you to change without stopping to find a restroom -- a tank under a few outfits allows for quick changes in an alley).

You’re welcome to bring 5 or 6 outfits, just know that we might not get to all of them, and the more time we spend discussing your wardrobe, the less time we’ll have to photograph you in it!

PORTABILITY: We’ll be walking around, so please bring clothes in a ROLLING SUITCASE so that it can sit on a sidewalk (or on dirt or grass) while we take photos.

Organize each complete outfit in rolled groupings within your suitcase.

CHANGING: Being prepared to do quick changes on location is helpful! Wearing a light tank top under outfits can allow you to change in public, and bringing a SHEET that we can hold up can allow you to change quickly in an alley or behind a tree.

MISC: it’s a great idea to also bring the following: Brush or comb for hair touch ups (or hairspray, bobby pins, clips, etc.) Any necessary makeup for touch ups Lip gloss / chapstick (guys!) or other makeup you’d like for touching up after changes

Water bottle -- stay hydrated Snacks (especially if you are prone to low blood sugar)

Hand sanitizer


Please familiarize yourself with our meeting location and PLAN for TRAFFIC and PARKING.

If you arrive late, you’ll cut your session time, number of photos, and also the BEST, SEXIEST, MOST FLATTERING LIGHT will be gone before we get a full session (it makes me SO sad to watch great light slip away waiting for clients to arrive!)

NOTE ON WARDROBE ORDER: It typically takes a few minutes to relax into the “rhythm” of the session so in general I advise people NOT to wear their favorite outfit to the session — let’s get into the session a bit with a runner up outfit first!

FINALLY: If you’re nervous that’s ok! I’ll be directing you throughout this process, so if you’ve done the above prep work, there’s no need to worry about anything once you arrive.

Photographing YOU is one of my very favorite things to do and when we’re out there together, you’ll see why. I

can’t wait to work with you!

Investment: 500.00


one hour session

50-60 edited images

Downloadable gallery

I also offer a variety of custom made printed products. 

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